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This websites main mission is to raise media and regulatory awareness as to consumer opinions for or against the companies listed above with a view of encouraging pressure on these companies to reduce their interest rates and for those interest rates to be applied fairly.

Together we are a group of First Plus customers, who are engaging in unison to protect the rights of ourselves and other consumers against the usury rates that FIRSTPLUS are charging.  We as a collective believe that the current interest rates are unfair and not in line with current economic conditions.  Despite drops in the Bank of England base rates and significant drops in Libor and FHBR, FIRSTPLUS are refusing to pass this on to its customers citing a myriad of excuses.

We have been informed by hundreds of FIRSTPLUS customers that upon phoning or writing to FIRSTPLUS reference interest rates; they were told that FIRSTPLUS would not be passing on interest rate reductions at this time.  The government has made it clear that Banks and Financial Houses should be dropping interest rates in order to improve the economic climate.  FIRSTPLUS continual stance to not pass on these interest rate cuts could be deemed irresponsible.  This country is on the brink of a recession, job losses are at an all time high, housing sales at a record low; leading to drops in the value of homes and at times putting consumers in to negative equity.  The continued high interest rates on FIRSTPLUS loans could likely lead to further financial strain on its customers; ergo defaults and repossession’s, resulting in customers loosing their family homes and further causing damage to the economy.

In the first instance we would encourage you to sign the petitions located at:


We have also noted thousands of consumers on various forums; concerned about the sale of PPI.  FIRSTPLUS have been responding to some of these complaints stating that it is nothing to do with them and the responsibility of the LOAN and PPI SALE is that of the brokers, however these policies are FIRSTPLUS branded policies and in most cases state that FIRSTPLUS has arranged this PPI policy on behalf of the Insurance Company.  Nowhere have we found on the Credit Agreements or Subsequent Insurance Policy documentation any reference to the responsibilities of the brokers.

Don’t be put off by these fob offs, FIRSTPLUS are responsible and they have a duty to ensure that the information is correct.

We would encourage every customer of FIRSTPLUS to review your credit agreements and insurance documents to see if in fact these policies were suitable at the point of sale.  If you feel that you were not informed on all the information then send a Subject Access Request, requesting copies of all calls and information pertaining to you and your account, then a Complaint to FIRSTPLUS to request a refund of insurance plus interest.

You will find letter templates and contact details of FIRSTPLUS and BARCLAYS in our Private Section (Only viewable to registered users) to ensure that your complaint is heard and dealt with, if you are like the many thousands who have complained and been told that you can do nothing about it, then its time to pass on your complaint to the Financial Ombudsmen, while at the same time write to WATCHDOG, the FSA, Your MP and contact the press and news media.

Don’t Give up!!! and you are not alone.